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Unique Articles – The Guaranteed Method for Site Promotion Part 1

Many people are now finding that one of the most powerful and effective ways of promoting any website that they have is to write articles on the subject of their site.

You may wonder what writing articles has to do with promoting your site and below we will show you the reasons why this method of marketing is so effective.

Firstly, you will find that the internet is providing major assistance to people surfing the web by providing them with information and content on various times. I forget how many times I have heard people say that in internet marketing content contained within a site is king.

What every web site owner knows is that content is a major part of any site and this could be provided by way of a small amount of text, articles, audio information, video clips, news feeds, images, charts or graphs.

The reason you need to know why content is so important to your site is because this is how such sites as Google can make an informed decision on which sites for each particular search that has been carried out on a particular subject. The only way that Google can do this is by having set up a certain criteria that it uses to determine the quality of each web site found, and they do this by using their Page Rank (PR) system. It has been found that one of the most major factors that they rely on heavily when using this system is how many other sites that are either pointing or linking to a certain site. Or those that are “voting” on a certain site. Therefore if you have more content within your site you are more likely to have more sites both pointing to and linking with your site which will help to increase your PR ranking.

A good way of getting such links to your site is by using the system of one way back links. This means that another site has your link on theirs but you have not reciprocated by putting theirs on yours.

What you need to know now is how do you convince another site owner to place a link to your site on theirs. There are a number of ways of doing this, you could either use a Reciprocal Linking Directory, this is the type of site that acts as a middleman between site owners and is great for saving time as you do not have to contact each web site owner directly that you wish to link with.

Or if you wish to make things that little more personal, then you can send an email to other site owners or even by buying links from high Page Rank sites.

Thirdly you could arrange to leave comments at blogs; however you must not forget to include your signature with your URL.

The fourth and final method we would suggest is that you provide a testimonial on the product or service that you are providing on your site, once again do not forget to include a bank link to your site when using this method.

Finally we are going to look at reciprocal linking in this part of the article. There is nothing wrong with using this method of linking, however, what you must remember is that Search Engines are looking at all incoming links to your site and comparing them to the number of out bound links that you have. The more that they find that are linking to your site then the higher your PR would be. Also Google are searching for site that have more natural linking and if they see too many reciprocal links then it understands that this is arrangement linking and this will result in your PR being lower. To be honest reciprocal linking is not only time consuming but could end up costing you in relation to your PR ranking.

So really the best way forward to ensure that you get one way links to your site is by article marketing. Remember in every article that you produce you should include a resource box. Within this you would have your name, a small biography about yourself (only a few words) and a bit about your site as well as the all important back link. This would be considered the most important part of any article that you write, as the back link in the resource box is what will get the visitors coming to your site.

In the next part of this article I will be provide you with information on the importance of anchor text in your articles in your use of this as a promotional tool.

How to Choose the Best Home Based Business Opportunity

Finding the best home based business opportunity can be a daunting task. After deciding to start a home based business how do you decide the right one for you? Once you Google “best home based business opportunity” you get an avalanche of sites that all offer instant riches and financial independence.Searches for home based businesses and work at home opportunities are at all time high, due to people losing jobs. Many have realized that one should have a Plan B as job security is not what it used to be. Home based businesses can offer either a full time income or an additional income to support your current salary. It can range from few hundred dollars to over $10,000 monthly income. There are a lot of programs that seem to prosper year after year. As you start your research you should keep an eye on two critical factors:1. Do research on Google or any other search engine and try to form a picture of the most popular choices for work at home and the best home based business opportunities.2. Check the companies around these niches and see what companies have the best track record and history. Keep in mind that it appears that everything online is a scam; this is a much used keyword to get attention and website traffic. Most probably almost every company is called a scam online, you just have to find out whether this accusation is true or just a marketing trick for a competitor.One thing that is constant online and especially on the home based business industry is change. Companies change and programs die away. There are some types of programs that seem to keep up with the constant change like rebate processing, data entry, type at home, surveys and call centers. Network marketing, affiliate marketing and multi level marketing (MLM) are also among the best home based business opportunities.You might be confused of the difference between network marketing and MLM. It is a very thin line. Many times so called top tier programs are called network marketing, but this is a just a matter of opinion. Top tier programs are usually more expensive to join compared to traditional MLM businesses, but at the same time their compensation plan is very lucrative and you can make money much faster with a top tier program compared to MLM which grows over time.When choosing the best home based business opportunity don’t get stuck in small details. First decide what feels right for you, then do research on that niche. Find out how competitive it is and if there are any companies in that niche that offer a good program for you to join. Many times it doesn’t cost much to try few programs and see whether you like it. However, this kind of program hopping can be very time consuming and your focus is all over the place. There are ways to promote several programs with one website and that way you can focus on building that site and at the same time build multiple income streams.Combining Internet marketing with few well chosen, long term companies is a good way to get started. You can start building your brand which is very important for the long term as you should brand yourself and not the company you are promoting. That way you can add or remove programs as you see fit. You can also build your opt in list at the same time which is the most valuable thing you can do online.